Project log VRAR 2017 TU Darmstadt

This documents the progress, organization and remaining work of the VRAR project @ GRIS @ Tu Darmstadt of Simon Leischnig and Tim Unverzagt. In this repository also resides some part of the code that is working-state and extremely alpha until further notice.

The project started off on May 8th. Our goal See the archived project pitch of the project which explains what we want to achieve..

That means, with the end of the project in the VR/AR class, we want to have a guitar that can be connected to the computer via USB and transmit insformation about what the user plays on it.

This document was started on June 19th 2017, at a state where the project seemed to slow down a little, in an effort to organize things better.

Organization and project parts

Starting June 25, when the tracking of the guitar seemed to work (most vital part since we want to draw stuff on it at the right places) we split the workload in two tracks with frequent meeting and joint problem solving.

Tim Unverzagt

Simon Leischnig

Subprojects and how to build

Our desktop applications are implemented within the Openframeworks framework. To build these projects, please follow the installation instructions of Openframeworks, and when finished, copy the project you want to build inside the $openframeworks$/apps/myApps directory. Then, use the IDE for which you installed Openframeworks to build and run it. On linux, you can just execute $ make RunRelease inside the project.

We used several plugins, i. a. ofxAruco. To check which plugins you need, the file addons.make inside each project lists the names of those plugins. To install an Openframeworks plugin, just google it’s github page, copy the git clone url (%giturl%). Then, go inside the %openframeworks%/addons folder and clone the plugin repository there – e. g. ~/of/addons$ git clone %giturl%.

The Arduino program for the USB guitar has to be compiled and transferred to the microcontroller. For testing, we used the official Arduino IDE.


Discussion of the tools, problems and results.

see here

Project log with images of the progress

Project inception - from April 24 to May 8

May 8 - May 22

May 22 - June 12

June 12 - June 25

Guitar body tracking progress

Furnished ARuCo markers of fitting size and installed them onto the guitar body

Electronics progress

Wiring scheme

Makeshift electronics board with strings spanned over “frets” (meat sticks with copper tape) for simulating the real guitar.

June 25 - July 7

July 7 - July 17